Who told you your church was small?


A few days back I was playing legos with my 6 year old son on the floor.  We were talking about this and that.  Then out of the blue he asks, “Dad, how many people are in our church. 1000?”   I chuckled at his question.  I responded, “No son. We have about 100 people.” I wondered how he would feel about that response. Would he be disappointed?  He looked up from the legos and said, “Wow! One hundred people?  We must be famous or something.”   It totally made my day.  My son was impressed by the size of our average church.

At some point someone told you your average church was small.  Perhaps it was another pastor. Perhaps it was a book or resource on church growth. Perhaps it was your own expectations of what your should be. But at some point, someone told you your church was small and you believed them.  For me, I told myself.  Coming from a “large” church with multiple staff and lots of ministries, I knew I was coming to something “small.”   And when I got here it felt that way because of what I was used too.  Of course the reality is that our church is not small at all.  It is average. It is normal.

The amazing thing is that when I stand on the stage on a Sunday morning, our church doesn’t feel small.  Even when we were just a group of 55 in a room with 175 chairs, it really didn’t feel small when I was in the pulpit.  Monday through Friday it did, but not on Sundays.  It still doesn’t.  Perhaps that is because we try to have just the right amount of chairs set up to help it feel full.  Perhaps the room is a good size for a church of 100.  For me, I think it is more than that.  Our church doesn’t feel small because when I am on the platform I see the faces of  the people God gave me.  Those 80-100 faces are what church feels like to me.   It just feels right for our church.  They chose to be there…with me!   As my son would say, “We must be famous to have those 100 people.”   I think he is right.


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