A Pastor of One



It happened again this week.  A young couple with children came to my office looking for help with their marriage.  They are a great couple, trying to live for Jesus but just needing a little help they cannot get at church.  You see, I am not their pastor.   They have never talked to their pastor. They go to a video venue church.  They really like it, but right now, they need more than a screen.  They need to talk to a pastor.  They asked for help but their type of church doesn’t help with stuff like that. They have a church, but no pastor.

This has happened several times over the past few years.  People from larger churches have come to see me because the larger church was unable to help them personally.   When people are in crisis, they don’t need a pastor of the multitudes, they need a pastor of one.  They don’t care how many people are in the congregation. They need our one-on-one attention.  They come to me because as a pastor of an average church I have more space in my life to help people.

I don’t know what it is like to preach to thousands.  But I imagine that preaching to multitudes cannot compare to helping one on one.   In 4 simple one hour sessions, God has helped this couple to reconnect.  I may not have saved thousands this week, but God used me to save one marriage.  One family has a path forward that will make a difference for the children who will grow up with both parents. That opportunity would not be available to me in a large church.

Perhaps this family will decide to let me be the pastor of the rest of their life.  Ultimately, it doesn’t matter to me if they do or don’t.  I am called to pastor people even if its just one.



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