About The Average Pastor

average-employee-skillsIf you are a pastor of a church of under 100 you probably feel small.  The recent trend of mega church, multi-sight and leadership conferences has made you feel this way. But it is not true. You and I are not small church pastors. We are average church pastors.


Here is the data:

Survey by Association of Religion Data says: (click here)

– 63.7% of churches in america are under 100 members

– 19.4% of churches are between 100-200 members

– Only 16.9 % of churches are over 200.

National Congregational Study says the median size church (the average church) is 75 people.   Barna tells us that on any given weekend, 60% of believers in Jesus worship in a church that is fewer than 90 adults.

That means that the “average” pastor in America pastors a church of under 100 people.  That is normal for our country.  Yet in this day of mega churches, multi site and multi staff churches, it feels like the average pastor is not average at all.  The truth is, the mega church is not only below average, it is very rare.  It is estimated that only 2% of our churches are over 1000 people.  They are the exception, not the norm.  They are the rare, not the regular.  They are the unusal, not the usual.

So why is everything in our culture telling us we are small?  Why are all the conference speakers pastors of the exception, not the norm?  Why are all the books written by the 2% and not the 98%.  Why are all the podcasts addressing the needs of the 20% who have multi level staff, large system churches?  Why are so few resources available for the pastor leading a volunteer staff, or the church in the rural community?

This site is designed to encourage the pastor of the so called “small” church. You are not small at all. You are average.  You are normal.  You are what most of us are.  You pastor a regular size church.  You are not small. You are not insignificant.  You are an average pastor with an average size church in America.  Embrace your church and your calling.

I pastor an average church.  It was 50 people when I took in 2010.  It is 80 now.  We are still an average church.  In this blog I hope to share some of my experineces leading an average church.  I hope it will be an encouragement to my fellow average pastors out there.



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