It’s Finally Here: The Average Pastor Book

20170113_113530It’s finally here. The Average Pastor Book is now available.  Inside are reflections from an average pastor of an average church.  Now pastors of churches of under 100 have a resource that addresses their unique set of challenges.  The book contains revised blog posts as well as new material to help the average pastor of the average church to embrace their calling. Thank you everyone who follows this blog and believes in this mission.  Your belief in what we are doing has made this book possible.

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Read a sample chapter by clicking the link below.



One thought on “It’s Finally Here: The Average Pastor Book

  1. I have been very impressed with the small churches I’ve had an association with! The congregation is very loyal! Everyone knows your name and your needs, strengths and shortcomings! You are part of a “family” and that makes you feel needed, and you would be missed if you left. The Pastors seemed to be capable of handling a much bigger hurch if needed, but content with their size. Greta Hart


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