Thank you!

thank-you-fountain-pen-smI want to take just a minute to thank everyone for the support and kind words about the Average Pastor book that came out last month.  So many of you have shared your thoughts and congratulations. It means the world to me! I really appreciate it!

One comment in particular from a friend has blessed me so much.  They said,  “Your book inspired me to want to pastor an average church.”  I cannot express how much that means to me to hear someone say that. That one comment has made it all worth it.   This book is about restoring dignity to the Average Pastor serving in the Average Church.  It is so amazing to hear that it is inspiring the average pastor as well as those who are dreaming of being pastors.  The Average Church is a great place to be.

If you loved the book, please consider writing a review on or maybe even buying some copies to give away to your fellow average pastors.  If you want to order a larger number, contact me and I help you with that and it will be much cheaper.  Thank you again for your support with this blog and this book.  I am so proud to be called an Average Pastor.

PS> If you got an early copy, I apologize for the errors in the text. (I can’t believe I didn’t catch those!) They have since been corrected and new copies will reflect the changes.


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